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Xiao Hua (Lecturer)

Dr Xiao (枭) HUA (花) was born in Shanghai, China. He obtained his BSc and MSc in Chemistry from Fudan University (Shanghai, China) and Stony Brook University (NY, US), respectively.  He did his PhD on the topic of electrode materials characterisation under the supervision of Prof Dame Clare Grey FRS at the University of Cambridge and was awarded the EPSRC Doctoral Prize to continue his postdoctoral research upon completing his thesis. He later joined Prof Ullrich Steiner’s research group at the Adolphe Merkle Institute (Fribourg, Switzerland) to develop novel synthesis methods for the preparation of mesoporous electrode materials. He was later awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to work with Prof Andrew Goodwin FRS at the University of Oxford to advance methodologies in the study of the local structures of functional materials. Using the acquired skills, he also worked as a Faraday Institution Fellow with Prof Serena Cussen at the University of Sheffield to develop new cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.


Matthew Leesmith

MChem and PhD (2022-)

Metal oxide electrodes

Pair distribution function

Faraday PhD Enrichment Scheme Awardee

Dr Zhenjiang Yu

Research Fellow (2023-)


Materials engineering

Structure characterisation

Sreenivasan Kiritharan

PhD (2023-)

Terahertz spectroscopy

Faraday PhD Enrichment Scheme Awardee


Dr Hungyen Lin

Shaoquan Li

PhD Student (2023 - )

Electrochemical catalysis (LiNRR)


Dr Gaurav Gupta

Mingqing Sun

Visiting PhD (2023 - )

Na-ion batteries

Structure characterisation

Dr Yufeng Qin

Visiting Fellow (2023-)


Magnetic semiconductor

Battery anodes

Dr Hekang Zhu

Faraday PDRA (2023-)


Layered oxide cathodes

FutureCat projects


Brian Lewis (2023 summer intern) | Andrew Lemm (2023 summer intern)